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Annual Meeting – June 26, 2024

Tribeca’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, 2024. Ballots have been mailed to your mailing address. Owners, please make sure to send in your ballots by June 25th!

Thank you!


Fire Sprinkler Inspections ACCESS NEEDED

Please be reminded that Tribeca has contracted with Cosco Fire Protection to perform the Annual Fire Sprinkler inspection and testing on April 29 and April 30, 2024. Cosco will be inspecting and testing the fire alarms and sprinklers within the units. Access for this inspection is mandatory per fire code. Please arrange to provide access to your unit for the scheduled timeframe. You may be present yourself or arrange to have a friend or family member present. Please note that failure to comply may result in an additional site visit, which may be charged to the Unit.

Cosco will be on the property from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm each day. Please be aware that the fire alarm horns will sound intermittently throughout the inspections.

Notice, schedule, and map sent out through Resident Portal.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Reminder of Smoking Rules

This is a friendly reminder of the smoking rules.

The following shall be deemed violations of the Rules and Regulations and subject to enforcement by the Board:

  1. Smoking is not permitted on balconies, decks, or any portion of the Common Area. Please respect the health of the community and limit smoking to the interior of your separate interest.
  2. Smoking in excessive amounts and/or excessive periods of time which disturbs other residents.

If you are found to be in violation of these rules, the Board of Directors will begin the Fine Schedule (detailed in the Rules and Regulations).


Proper Disposal of Bulk Items

It has come to our attention that residents have been leaving bulk items by the dumpsters, leading to increased costs for the Association to remove these items. As a reminder, this is a violation of our community guidelines and could lead to raised monthly assessments to cover the cost.

Per Tribeca’s Rules & Regulations “large items such as old furniture, refrigerators, luggage, etc. are the sole responsibility of the homeowner to remove from premises and dispose of properly”. If you are found improperly disposing of bulk items, you may be called to a hearing before the Board and could receive a fine.

Resources for bulk item disposal

  • Green Earth San Diego 619-997-3525
  • Fred’s Junk Removal 619-245-9957
  • Impact Junk Removal 619-393-6265

Thank you for your cooperation.


Pool Rules Reminders

Please be reminded that the pool is open from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. Failure to abide by those hours could result in suspension of pool privileges. Additionally, please review the rules below:


1. Resident shall not let anyone into the Community Facilities that are not in their party. Only a person with a valid key fob may admit themselves and their family or immediate guests into the pool, spa, or barbeque area. All residents may be asked to show their facilities key fob to any Association representative while utilizing any of the facilities including the pool or spa. This is a safety and insurance issue that affects every homeowner. Do not open the door or gate for anyone not in your party! Either residents have a door/gate key fob or they do not. Leaving a key fob at home is not an excuse to open the door/gate for someone.

2. Each Unit shall be issued one (1) key fob for accessing the Community Facilities. The Association has the authority to deactivate a Unit’s key fob for one (1) month for any single violation and/or deactivate the key fob on an ongoing basis for any on going violation. Key fobs are subject to deactivation for the following violations after notice and hearing:

2.1 Abuse of guest parking pass for resident use.

2.2 Abuse of guest parking pass that exceeds allotted number of days per month.

2.3 Non-compliance of pool hours, rules and regulations, placing pool furniture in the pool, not cleaning up pool/barbeque area after use/party, noise levels too loud – inconsiderate of others; The pool gates must not be propped open to facilitate access.

2.4 Noise that is unreasonably loud, raucous or jarring to persons within the area of audibility between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. is declared to be a public nuisance and subject to Board and Civil action. No loud music is to be played in the pool area that disturbs the peace of the residents living around the pool area.

2.5 Destruction of community property.

2.6 Failure to clean up after dogs/pets.

2.7 Utilizing “community” water source for personal use, i.e. cleaning a Unit’s rugs or washing vehicles.

2.8 Leaving trash/objects on the ground in the trash enclosures instead of in bins.

2.9 Association assessments are in arrears for more than 60 days.

2.10 Storage of property in common areas. No property may be stored temporarily or permanently on sidewalks, parking lots, carports or other common areas.

2.11 Abuse of pool fob – giving to individuals who don’t live within our community – the pool at Tribeca is for the use of residents and their guests – not for others who live outside of our community.

2.12 Any other violation of the Association’s Governing Documents, including the CC&Rs, Bylaws and/or the Rules and Regulations.

2.13 Any time the Owner’s Membership standing is declared to not be in good standing by the Board.

3. Owners transfer all their rights to the use of the pool facilities when their units are rented, leased, or occupied by a non-owner.

4. Access to the pool or spa without a registered community key fob in your possession will result in your being told to vacate the Community Facilities and continued presence thereafter will be considered trespassing.

5. Entry to the pool and spa area shall be through the gate only. Climbing over the fence or entry without a key fob is prohibited. The gate must be closed and locked at all times

6. Keys fobs loaned to any non residents. There is a $100.00 replacement fee for lost key fobs. (Subject to change at any time)

7. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times when using the pool or spa facilities.

8. The Association does not provide any type of lifeguard or supervisory service. Anyone using the pool or spa shall do so at his or her own risk, responsibility, and liability.

9. Smoking is not permitted in the Community Facilities including the pool or spa areas Please respect the health of the community and limit smoking to the interior of your separate interest .

10. Showers are required before entering the pool or spa.

11. The use of the EMERGENCY life ring for any purpose other than an emergency is prohibited. A fine will be issued and the cost of a replacement ring may also be implemented.

12. The use of the pool EMERGENCY SHUT OFF switch for any reason other than an emergency is prohibited and a fine will be issued as well as the cost of resetting the time clocks.

13. General rules of good conduct should be observed at all times. This includes no running, pushing or boisterous behavior. Radio volume and voices should be kept at a minimum level. This is especially important during late evening and early morning hours. POOL/SPA HOURS ARE 8:00 A.M.-10:00 P.M. Pool/spa hours are subject to change at the discretion of the Association Board of Directors.

14. Usual and customary swimming attire is required for pool or spa. Cutoffs or blue jeans do not meet this requirement.

15. Hairpins, hair clips or other similar items shall not be worn in the pool or spa.

16. No bottles, glass containers, or barbecues are allowed in the pool or spa area. In the event anyone including a homeowner, guest, or tenant is responsible for breaking any glass within the pool, spa, or barbeque area, they will be fully responsible for all costs incurred to drain, clean and refill the pool or spa as well as be subject to any related violation fines. Anyone seen with glass will be fined, asked to remove the glass and may be required to leave the area immediately.

17. Only unbreakable containers are permitted in the pool and spa area and they must be disposed of properly in the trash container provided. With the exception of the barbeque area, food and related garbage must not be disposed of or consumed within the confines of the pool or spa. Please dispose of it at home.

19. Please be thoughtful and considerate of your neighbors.

20. Pool furniture is not to be thrown into the pool and/or spa.

21. It is the responsibility of each resident to ensure that children under the age of 14 are under the direct supervision at all times of a designated, responsible adult (18 years of age or older) while in the pool area.

22. Children under 14 years of age may not use the spa (California law).

23. Inflatable toys, rafts or sports equipment are not permitted in the pool for safety reasons (This does not apply to legitimate swim-safety devices).

24. Throwing non-floating items, such as rocks, marbles, coins and the like, into the pool is prohibited.

25. Animals are not allowed in the pool or spa area.

26. Persons with open cuts and wounds are not permitted in the pool or spa.

24. Pool furniture is to be used on the decks around the pool and spa. Please do not remove furniture from the pool area.

25. Absolutely no foreign substances such as bubble bath, soap, beer, etc. may be added to the pool or spa. Persons observed doing this shall suffer the cost of draining, cleaning, refilling, and other similar charges incurred to avoid pool or spa damage.

26. Regulations for the pool and spa posted and/or contained herein must be obeyed.

27. Anyone wishing to have a party at the pool that exceeds six (6) guests who are not Tribeca at Spectrum residents must get permission from the Community Manager in advance. A list of guests must be submitted and received seventy-two (72) hours prior to any event at the pool. The Association has the right to limit the number of guests and the time they may occupy the pool area. Homeowner is responsible for cleanup. A refundable $100 reservation/cleanup deposit may be required. If damages or costs of clean up exceed the deposit, Owner shall be responsible for those excess charges as well.

Thank you for abiding by these rules and being a courteous neighbor.



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