Proper Disposal of Bulk Items

Posted By on December 5, 2023

It has come to our attention that residents have been leaving bulk items by the dumpsters, leading to increased costs for the Association to remove these items. As a reminder, this is a violation of our community guidelines and could lead to raised monthly assessments to cover the cost.

Per Tribeca’s Rules & Regulations “large items such as old furniture, refrigerators, luggage, etc. are the sole responsibility of the homeowner to remove from premises and dispose of properly”. If you are found improperly disposing of bulk items, you may be called to a hearing before the Board and could receive a fine.

Resources for bulk item disposal

  • Green Earth San Diego 619-997-3525
  • Fred’s Junk Removal 619-245-9957
  • Impact Junk Removal 619-393-6265

Thank you for your cooperation.


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